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Talking with myself: July 12


By Dave Feldman

Q: Vicente Padilla (look at that face, so adorable) struck out six over eight shutout innings vs. the Cubs. On a scale of 1-10 how
much should I care?

A: Probably. He’ll likely go back to being the Rockets point
guard once Aaron Harang returns from the DL later this month.

Q: Hey, look (Part I)
Johan Santana tossed seven scoreless innings in a win vs. the Braves, has a
0.39 ERA in three July starts and is
back pitching like it’s 1999 again. And by that I really mean 2004. Will he
keep it up?

A: How dare you ask for the 1-10 scale twice in one Q&A!
Who knows with Beckham. One day he’s good, 12 days he’s not good, five days he’s
not playing because of something called Brent Lillibridge. I like his .255
BABIP going forward, I don’t like his 20/53 BB/K rate. Put him on your squad if
you have the space and/or need the middle-infield help.

Q: Madison Bumgarner
is so good you titled the Rundown after him. Was that just because his name is
fun to say with a British accent or is he really good and someone who should be
owned in most leagues?

A: PETCO (3.02 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, 57/24 K/BB), meet not-PETCO
(3.71 ERA, 1.49 WHIP, 33/21 K/BB ratio). Now you two play nice.