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Wednesday hodgepodge


(By Dave)

Guys I’m looking at after Funky Tuesday, which is my favorite flavor of Tuesday, barely edging Tasty Tuesday.

Mike LowellThumbs down for Youk means thumbs up for Lowell!  He really likes it, Mikey really likes it. That’s me liking Lowell, who goes by Mikey when I think about him in ’70s commercials. Lowell will get all the at-bats at the not-hot corner with Youk out, will be placed in the heart of a Red Sox lineup that just got Jacoby Ellsbury back and let the world know of his arrival by tatering last night.
Travis SniderI <3’ed Travis so much that I just dropped Carlos Beltran for him in my Uber Wars league. I <3’ed him less once I saw that he’s batting leadoff vs. the Yankees today. What’s Uber Wars? Exactly what you think it is. What’s Snider gonna do for you that Beltran won’t? Hit homers, mister — just like he did last night. What’s Beltran gonna do for you that Snider won’t? Steal bases.  Strikethrough strikes again!
Alex GordonHey, I’ve seen you here before. Gordon went 2-for-4 with a homer last night and has three bombs with five RBIs over his last five games. Don’t make me put up his Triple-A numbers this year.
Thomas Diamond — Once upon a time, Diamond was 1/3 of the Rangers’ D-V-D trio, along with Edinson Volquez and John Danks. Last night, the 27-year-old Diamond struck out 10 Brewers hitters over six innings of three-run ball in a tough-luck loss in his Major League debut. The Cubs really found a Diamond in the rough. Hey, look, the Cubs are wearing Diamonds on the soles of their shoes! Hey, Neil Diamond, why are your 30-year-old jingles blared on stadiums nationwide? I don’t know but I do know that Ks are Ks and Diamond averaged a 9.8 K/9 in his six-year Minor League career and should get an
extended tryout replacing Ted Lilly in the Cubs rotation. Hello NL-only leagues!
Joel Hanrahan — Hanrahan pitched a scoreless ninth after watching Evan Meek allow a pair of runs pitching the seventh and eighth. I believe this means Hanrahan is the closer. 
Carlos Santana, Ryan Howard, Travis Hafner to the DL — Not good, Carlos Ruiz (.452 AVG, 2 HR, 9 RBIs) and Yorvit Torrealba (15-game hitting streak) are good options to replace the Black Magic catcher; Mike Lowell and Alex Gordon can help you out if you need a cornerman to replace Ryno. Bobby Higginson can help you replace Hafner’s production.